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Our story

We started as a group of four, gathered in a living room, who desperately wanted to see Jesus and His Kingdom manifested in Austin.

The problem


Our values are how we develop people to discover their burden. We believe that every disciple of Jesus, no matter where you are in your faith journey, holds to these three foundational practices:



Abiding in Jesus happens when we pause to reorient ourselves back to Jesus. We create this margin in our lives through worship, reading his Word, and spending time in prayer. 



Our mission. The more often we experience Jesus, the more we become like him. Our job is to invite people on this journey with us, not just to plant another church in Austin.



We can love the most like Jesus when we see people, have compassion on others, and serve wholeheartedly. We do these things were we work, live, and play.

Jesus said they would know us by our love.

Every week, churches gather on Sundays, check the box, and go home unchanged. Yet, many churches would admit that their people look more like the world around them than they do like Jesus.

We wanted to RETHINK church and RETURN to what we read about in the early church.


What came as a result was one community, in one person's house, multiplying into multiple communities in multiple locations who gather weekly to celebrate, share vision, and connect with God.


Our mission is to reach and teach people how to follow in the way of Jesus. We want to help people unleash the gifts and abilities that God gave them, and use them to advance the Kingdom here on earth.


To saturate the Austin area with the Gospel of Jesus by multiplying Jesus-centered, missionary driven communities.

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