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  • What is a house church?
    Simply put, a house church is an independent, yet interconnected small group of people, who practice the way of Jesus together. Every house church must have some element of worship, compassion, community, and a desire for multiplication.
  • What does a house church do?
    Every house church is unique in how they operate. But generally speaking, every house church does everything that a normal church does - pray for each other, serve together, eat together, read Scripture, and listen to or discuss some type of teaching.
  • Where can I find a house church near me?
    Great question! Click the "Join a House Church" button on the home page tab and fill out the brief form. One of our pastors will reach out to you within 24 hours with an invitation and an address closest to you. We always recommend grabbing coffee together before your first visit to say hi and answer any questions.
  • What denomination are you?
    The founding pastor is an ordained minister within the Wesleyan Church and we operate organizationally under their leadership. With that said, we have people from all different denominational backgrounds and belief systems in our house churches. We strive for every house church to be a safe place for every person to search and ask honestly.
  • How is a house church different from a small group?
    Every house church is: Diverse (age, gender, ethnicity, race) Decentralized leadership (there are no sacred people here - only ordinary people being used by an extraordinary God) Decision-making power (house church pastors make decisions for us as an overall church) Small groups are typically the end point of discipleship in most churches. House churches are the front door to discipleship into the way of Jesus for One City.
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